Acne is a common problem for many people. A combination of excess oil and dead skin cells leads to the blocking of hair follicles. This is commonly called a plug. Bacteria behind the plug multiply and cause inflammation. The body tries to fight off the bacteria using white blood cells. The net result is the formation of pus which pushes upward and appears as a pustule. Acne with no infection but with a plug appears as blackhead on the skin. The result of repeated acne inflammation can be scarring and discoloration. It is best to treat the real cause of acne: excess oil production. It is best to treat it early, before scarring and discoloration occurs. The current best treatment is the AviClear laser. This laser targets the oil producing sebaceous gland in the hair follicles. It down-regulates the gland so that it produces less oil. The result is the acne is gone and you are left with beautiful, normal skin. Treat your acne now before it leaves you with permanent scarring.

The skin you want

Not everyone naturally has perfect skin. In fact, no one does. Acne affects 85% of people at some point in their life. What you can do is care for your skin and give it the best treatment possible. Now, with the AviClear laser, you can get rid of you acne and get on the path to great skin.

Clear your skin.

Ixchel Skin and Body Medical Spa is pleased to announce it has the new AviClear laser from Cutera.

1 treatment monthly for 3 months:  Acne gone!

No drugs

Permanent solution

Go from a mess to clear!

The AviClear laser targets the real cause of acne: the sebaceous gland. These tiny glands in our skin produce sebum, what we think of as oil. Oil + skin flakes = plugged pores. The laser down regulates the glands to reduce oil production. Less oil means acne gone!

It’s this gland that causes the problem.

The sebaceous gland is attached to the conduit of the shaft a hair grows through. When the pore of the hair shaft gets plugged with oil and skin, infection can set in. Infection produces pus which pushes up to the skin and produces a visible white pustule. These are whiteheads. They are colloquially called “zits”.

AviClear works on your back, shoulders and arms too. Treatment prices for these areas are based on a treatment area the size of your face. For estimation purposes, one hand is the size of half of your face.

Your skin gets even better over time

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