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Our Spa is Ixchel Skin and Body – Medical Spa. It is a practice of Aesthetic Medicine – Beauty and Medicine.  We believe every person is beautiful. We believe we can all keep that beauty and support people on the journey to stay that way.

Ixchel logo. Mayan woman with snake on head.


Ixchel was a powerful Mayan goddess in charge of many areas of life. She was renowned for her great beauty and her “opalescent skin.” It was easy for us to adopt her as our symbol of beauty. The snake on her head was a symbol of her power.

Skin and Body

It is human nature to want to be better. Our goal is to help everyone achieve their better beauty goals by providing them the necessary tools. What we do to help people on a journey to great skin and a toned body is backed by science. Our skin and body care really works.

Medical Spa

In Florida and elsewhere the Boards of Medicine have established that medical spa care is the practice of medicine. And it is. We follow the rules of medical care. It means when you come to our Medical Spa we take a medical history, do a physical exam, and take vital signs. We assess your medical problems and provide medical treatment that might include counseling, medications and energy-based medical treatments. We do it right.

Ixchel Medical Spa is run by a physician, Dr. Bradley Logan MD, who is on site providing and directing medical care.

Women • Men

Traditionally, women have been more open about enhancing their beauty. With changing times, men are becoming more involved as well. Everyone has skin that has wrinkles, acne, discoloration or blemishes. Everyone can have better skin by taking the steps to care for it. 

We all have bodies that could use improvement. Everyone can benefit from weight control, proper nutrition, weight management, sculpting and toning. It just makes sense to look after the one body we have.

Reverse Aging

Time takes its toll on our bodies and skin. We are aging everyday of our lives. It doesn’t have to stay that way. You can’t reverse time, but you can reverse unwanted signs of aging. Our aim is to guide you on the lifetime journey to be your best.

We want you to be beautiful, confident and happy.

Stay Beautiful!