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Laser Hair Removal or Laser Hair Reduction is one of the most sought-after Aesthetic Procedures. To offer clients the very best hair removal experience, we use the Cutera HR – the Ferrari of hair removal systems. This laser is a proven, comfortable system that uses on-head, sapphire-integrated cooling to protect you from discomfort during the procedure. It uses both an 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG crystal to generate wavelengths of healing light for all skin colors – white to black. For best results it takes 4-6 treatments. After 6 treatments, all treatments are 30% off for life.

 Custom discounts for multiple areas at one time. Ask for pricing.

We do areas from head to toe as individual services or as a total body package.

Prices are per treatment

Hairline $75

Stray hairs below the hair line

Between the eyebrows $75

Nose $75

Just the nose

Ears $100

Upper Lip $75

Includes the area at the corner of the mouth

Jaw $125

Includes chin, jaw and under the jaw

Full face $150


Neck – Front or Back $150

Both front and back $200

Underarms $200

Both underarms included

Shoulders $100

Front back of both shoulders

Arms $200

Both Arms

Both hands only $100

Chest $300

Includes chest but not breasts

Areolas $75

Just the area around the nipples

Breasts $100

Includes all of breasts but not the chest

Abdomen or Back $300

Both $400


1/2 back or abdomen  $160

Belly Line $100

Vertical linear stripe from chest to top of lower hair line

Bikini line – 1 inch $125

1 inch below top of hairline

Bikini Line – 2 inch $150

2 inches below top of hair line

Brazilian  $200

Front area

Full Brazilian $250

Front and Back area

Legs $200-$350

Both legs treated

Lower legs $200

Upper legs $200

Upper and lower legs together $350


Full Body $1200

Prices may be subject to change without notice. Always check with our office to confirm the latest pricing.