Come in today for a Visia Face Scan. You will receive a full face analysis with a written report. We will make skin maintenance or improvement recommendations to you, helping you Stay Fabulous!

The cost is only $75 with the full amount placed in your VIP Club Cash Account. You can use those funds to purchase any product or service in the Spa.

Visia machine showing current vs assessed skin age

Visia is the ultimate face scanning technology. We scan your face and show you the condition of your skin and any areas that might need help. You see your actual age compared to your skin age and then tailor a plan to maintain or rejuvenate your skin.

With the Visia face scan  technology, you can see melanin and vascular levels. This allows us to customize a plan to treat brown spots, uneven skin tone and skin redness. You will see the results.

See yourself aged. With a Visia face scan, you see what you might look like if you let your skin age naturally. Our medical grade skin care products slow and delay the aging process. Our vast array of treatments to reverse the effects of aging. Love your skin!

Your skin is seen in 3 Dimensions with the Visia face scan. It can be in natural skin tone, in gray scale or with color relief to help identify problem areas. Visia provides a complete detailed analysis, objectively done, of you current skin condition.

What we see

We can see SPOTS with the Visia face scan, brown and red spot are easily distinguished from your natural skin tones. They can often be seen by the naked eye. Spots may be variable in size and shape. We have several lasers and skin care products that reduce or eliminate spots.

You can see WRINKLES with the Visia face scan. Wrinkles are deeper furrows in the skin caused by muscle movement and increased muscle tone, decreased skin elasticity and by sun damage. They can seen with the Visia face scan. We treat them with neuromodulators and/or dermal fillers. Wrinkles are not to be confused with fine lines which require skin resurfacing (we do that too!)

Visia lets you see TEXTURE. Variations in the skin surface are seen by the Visia face scan and help us decide on a course of treatment to improve texture. Treatments include medical grade skin care products, facials, hydrafacials, microneedling, laser treatments and others.

Imaging allows us to see PORES. Large pore size is often bothersome to patients. We identify troublesome areas with the Visia face scan and suggest custom treatments targeted to pores. Exfoliation, cleansing with non-comedogenic medical grade products, wearing sunscreen, microneedling and hydrafacials are among the many treatments available to reduce pore size and/or visibility.

See the real SUN DAMAGE. Sun damage makes skin look old. Skin that is sun damaged, as seen by the Visia face scan, is seen as areas that absorb UV light such as melanin just below the skin. Sun damaged skin can be repaired with treatments such as medical grade skin products, microneedling and laser skin treatments.

We can see brown spots. Although brown spots are usually visible to the naked eye, imaging with the Visia face scan helps identify the location, pattern and extent of these discolored areas. Our PICO laser is especially effective at eliminating brown spots and evening the color and tone of the skin. We also have medical grade skin care products.

Concentrated RED AREAS give clues to abnormalities such as spider veins and areas of inflammation. This information helps us to develop an appropriate treatment plan for these conditions. Our Cutera HR laser excels at spider vein and red removal.

Visia can see and identify PORPHYRINS we could never see without the Visia face scan. Some porphyrins like the heme of hemoglobin are good. Some, like the porphyrins excreted by skin bacteria cause inflammation and are linked to inflammatory skin conditions. Our Hydrafacials clean your skin deeply enough to remove these troublesome compounds from your skin. No other treatment compares.